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The Tranzat Circus Rat

La Rata is an avant-garde circus work that takes the revolutionary spirit of great graffiti artists and brings reflections from the streets to the scene.

It has a great musicalization, with synthesizers and urban beats faithful to the graffiti spirit of this work composed by Gonzalo Brown (Grandma Coca)

Tragic, intense and at the same time full of humor, it is the latest creation of Circo Tranzat. Directed by Iván Corral, it is the riskiest staging of the company to date. It generates different climates from a very aesthetic composition. careful that coexists with a plot loaded with slaps of reality tinged with humor. Through different city characters, he touches on delicate and compromised topics from a cheeky approach.

Show Selected by the IMM Arts Strengthening Program.

Address: Iván Corral


Author: Iván Corral, Juan Carlos Muñoz

Directing Assistance: Virginia Caputi


Cast:  Soledad Gomez, Juan Carlos Muñoz, and Victoria Carratu.


Music: Gonzalo Brown (Grandma Coca)


Wardrobe: Claudia Acosta


Lighting: Leticia Martinez


Scenography: Enzo Scasso, Leticia Martinez, Steven Bennett


Choreography: Darío Lima, Victoria Carratú, Soledad Gómez


Robotics: José García, Enzo Scasso,

Mauricio Prato.


Audiovisuals: Agustina Willat

Projection: Omar Izaguirre

Duration: 60´

Classification: Suitable for all public

                       Recommended +12


Tranzat circus

With more than 102,000 spectators in four years and its participation in 12 international festivals, it is the most important circus company in Uruguay.

Circ Tranzat tent
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