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They are going to the bar. Advance Cabaret Voltaire

NAILOVIUCabaret Voltaire
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Cabaret Voltaire is a circus work inspired by the Dadaist movement. It is set in the room ¨La Lechería¨ in Zurich, where on February 5, 1916 the Voltaire Artists Tavern was founded, a small place of barely ten square meters where some think the Dada Movement was founded. Night after night, with a high dose of humor and some moments of total improvisation, it is expected to break some barriers of logic and make the most of the enjoyment of face-to-face art. This cabaret brings together a large cast of multidisciplinary artists and performers, who will make each performance unique and unrepeatable.

Written and directed by Iván Corral.

Project selected by the FCC 2020

Cast: Gonzalo Pieri, Luis Ortíz, Pablo Riquero, Soléne Albores, Rodrigo Hernández, Camila Rodríguez, Hernán Capato, Lucía Mato, Leticia Corvo.

Lighting design: Leticia Martínez Costume production: Claudia Acosta

Set design and production: Steven Bennet, Marcelo Patiño.

Music: Pablo Riquero, Luis Ortíz, Gonzalo Pieri, Hernán Capato

Visual design: Omar Izaguirre

Production: ThirtyThirty Productions

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