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Favola in music

An Opera in a circus key

A contemporary stage version of the iconic Baroque opera by Italian composer Claudio Monteverdi. 

An opera that marked a milestone in the history of music, performed for the first time in Uruguay.


Story of the stage director and musical director

Story by Virginia Caputi and Ignacio Polastri, stage director

and musical director of L'Orfeo.about the work on Radio Uruguay

This PDF is the booklet with notes for the *program of the show L'Orfeo - Una opera en clave de circo". work, the historical context that framed its creation, etc. Reading it before attending the show will surely provide interesting information that will make it more enjoyable.


*We invite you to download it or watch it online* and start enjoying a unique event in our midst right now.

Choir of L`Orfeo
Soloists of L`Orfeo
Victor Torres
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