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A free and plugged-in version of the great work of the bard



Three popular artists have been invited, for the first time in their lives, to premiere a show in a well-known theater in the city. So they want to do serious theater, real theater. For this they choose a play text by the most famous and brilliant playwright of all time: William Shakespeare.

But at the beginning they realize that each one has rehearsed a different work: "Hamlet", "Romeo & Juliet” and “A Midsummer Night's Dream”. 

In a rebellious and comic climate, the three dramaturgical texts are staged in the Trinum Teatro manner: a free clownish interpretation that mixes music, humour, poetry and reflection.

A work aimed at a broad and diverse audience, with a focus on adolescents.

Shakespeare x 3

Shakespeare x 3

Data sheet

Stage address:

Florence Santangelo

Music Direction:

Rodrigo Vignolo



Ana Paola Angeloni, Verónica San Vicente, Rodrigo Vignolo and Florencia Santángelo



Rodrigo Vignolo, Veronica San Vicente, Ana Paola Angeloni.


Costume Design:

evana frid


Light Design:

Florence Fossati


Set design:

Guillermo Ifran


Characterization and makeup:

Maria Nunez


Graphic design:

Gene Design



Reinaldo Altamirano



Elena Teliz

Shakespearean voiceover:

Anthony Fletcher


Virginia Caputi / ThirtyThirty

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