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The Colors of the Moon
It is a work aimed at children (from 6 months to 6 years). Three inhabitants of the shores of the sea wait for the moon, they look for it and when they find it they play with it with all their senses, inviting the public to be part of the magic that the moon brings; an acrobatics, a song or a poem.
A musical, visual, poetic work that seeks to take children on a journey of surprise, laughter, play and enjoyment. The complicity, the look, the laughter, the incredible acrobatic gesture, the music that accompanies the pulse of the meeting, all elements that come together to strengthen the bond between the children and their families and between them and the artistic act.

the colors of the moon.jpg

Inspired by poems by Gabriela Mistral, Alfonsina Storni, Federico García Lorca and Pablo Neruda, and the story La distancia de la Luna by Italo Calvino. The characters travel to a fantastic world using simple materials that spark the imagination and creativity of everyone present. The work breaks the scene-audience line, constantly interacts with the children and their companions, the artists open their listening to observe what is happening, they incorporate it into the scene and it continues to be transformed each time.

Technical requirements
- Space of 5mts x 10mts
(with public space included).
- Sound box and console with four inputs.
- Microphone and Giraffe

Data sheet
Original Idea: Irene Willat. Apa Angeloni
Text and Direction: Apa Angeloni
Directing and Wardrobe Assistance: Claudia Acosta
Scenography: Fernando Besozzi
Production: Virginia Caputi- THIRTY THIRTY productions.
Photography: Reinaldo Altamirano
Audiovisual: Agustina Willat and Patricia Rijo
Cast: Scarlet | Lucia Mato / Leticia Corbo
Stella Apparicia | Veronica San Vicente / Apa Angeloni
Philippe | Gaston Puentes / Rodrigo Vignolo

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