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variations on coffee

Variations on coffee is the first result of an investigation that crosses the lives of women coffee producers and classifiers from the community of Pluma Hidalgo and a woman who never worked in the field. A braid of bodies and feelings between women of different cultures and traditions, as well as ancestral practices and daily life.

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September 6 and 7, 8:00 p.m.

Zavala Muniz Room

Advance tickets with bonus until August 31

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How much do we see of what is behind?

A dramaturgy built jointly in which both universes intersect. An invitation to contemplate and reflect on the processes behind what we consume.
From the installation it moves to the staging organically. The piece begins with a tour of 23 bags of parchment coffee beans of different weights in which the thoughts and feelings experienced during the counting are recorded. These bags can be touched, manipulated, read and even bought after the performance.

Data sheet

Direction: Alicia Laguna Castillo
Performer: Mariana Blanco
Creative accompaniment: Karen Bernal
General technique: Nicolás Sandoval
Musical composition: Juan Yanajara
Original song: Jaramar
Version: Jesus Cuevas
Lights: Martín Belotti, Leticia Martínez
Graphic design: Elsa Cloarec
Photography: Lorant Voros
Production and audiovisual edition: Carolina Dagach and Marina España
Women co-creators of Pluma: Rosario Esteban, María, Alma, Gris, Tía Será, Betty, Francisca and Lidia
Bag making: María Luisa Santos Cuellar and Fátima Sierra Martínez
Executive production: Virginia Caputi /
General production: Mermejita Circus
Acknowledgments: Catalina Merino and the Cultural Creation and Projects System (SACPC) for the encouragement provided for the realization of this event.

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