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Mochilo is an expert in humor, magic and giant bubbles.

Interactive shows that unleash hilarious situations, awakening  Thousands of smiles and emotions that will remain to be remembered.

Both in large events and in family celebrations, Mochilo will always be the best option.

Humor - Magic - Giant Bubbles

Show of Magic and Bubbles

45 minutes of the funniest and most interactive magic, where the unusual is normal and madness reigns.

Closure with bubbles of all sizes to the joy and fascination of all children.
Total Duration: 75 min.
Cost: $U 8,500

Magic and humor show

Duration: 50 minutes

Cost of $U 6,500

Bubble show 

Interactive. Where the boys will also make their own bubbles with elements specially designed for them.


Duration: 40 min.


Cost: $7000 (for 15-20 participants)



Ask for special discounts

for public schools and CAIF

Contact Mochilo:

+598 99 059 099   099059099

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