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An ocean
A love, madness and humor story
The telephone is his refuge and time is an obsession.
 Anxiety will mark her days until Tuesday arrives and from the other side of the ocean he calls her again. You just have to wait for it to ring, but whoever waits despairs. Mars dares to open his heart and cannot find calm, shows his intimacy, the fragility of a woman who, taking off defensive layers, shares her miseries, obsessions and hobbies, between joys and dreams.Reality or fantasy, she spends her life waiting , embalming birds or his own dreams, putting everything in its place.

It is time to spread the wings... although in front there isan ocean

Data sheet

On stage: Virginia Caputi

Direction and staging: Iván Corral

Assistance Management and Clown Training: Andrea Martínez

Design and Art: Irene Willat, Martín González

Set design: Enzo Scasso, Joaquín Bolioli and Matías Morales

Lighting Design: Irene Willat

Rigging - Technique: Irene Willat, Valentín Rivero

Audiovisual: Agustina Willat

Illustration and design: Carolina Díaz, Gen design

Idea and script: Virginia Caputi

Production: ThirtyThirty Productions

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