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Puppet theater version of Mario Levrero's work


One day, going through the house as was his custom, Carlitos discovers a basement. When he questions his parents about what is hidden in that place, they strictly forbid him from going back there. From then on, Carlitos will not give up trying to find the key and discover the secret that is kept in the basement.


Puppet, Carlitos

The work maintains a simplistic aesthetic. It bets on the action practically without words and with a continuous musical setting.

In this way, children's imagination and interpretation are stimulated, without their having to pay attention to a dialogue or text.

Data sheet:

Author: Mario Levrero (adaptation)

Duration: 50min


Public: 5 to 12 years. 200 children


Techniques: Table puppets (direct manipulation, plans) in sight, acting.

Number of artists: 3


Characteristics: There is a narrator who interacts with the children and the puppets. The scenery is a panel that opens in different ways containing die-cuts.


Technical needs: Closed dark space. Scenic space 4 meters wide by 3 meters deep, front. Electrical outlets close by. 

Assembly time: 1hr to 1hr 30min, depending on the characteristics of the place.

The pen
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