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A show carefully designed for the little ones.

An attractive, colorful work  where the word is not used, everything is based on the music made especially for the play, taking into account the variety of rhythms and sounds to maintain the child's attention.

Stage movements handle early childhood attention spans: leisurely enough for them to appreciate and varied enough that there are new offerings all the time.

A Little woman goes out through the Garden and interacts with different elements of nature: Flowers that sneeze, laugh or run, a worm with many feet, the rain, frogs of different sizes, a fish that blows bubbles, a cat, an elephant, the moon and the stars

puppets with soul
Tiny, puppet The Feather

The hat

The Hat, puppets

Synthesis of the work:

A magician arrives to perform his show but his hat slips off. There begins a search in which funny situations full of tricks, runs and escapes happen. Unusual characters and situations emerge from the hat in a constantly changing show in which words are not used and where music continually sets the scene.


It has reached more than 30 locations in the country.

Data sheet

Author: Martín Irigoyen
Duration: 50min.
Audience: 2 years and up. 300 children
Techniques: Body, acting, rod puppets, direct manipulation.
Number of artists: 2
Assembly time: 1h

Technical requirements:

Stage space of 3 x 3 meters closed or sheltered, public strictly frontal, electrical outlets nearby. For black chamber theaters, for alternative spaces a back wall and a uniform and smooth floor or a large rug. 

The legend of dulce de leche

A grandmother tells the story of how, thanks to various incidents, her great-great-grandmother discovered dulce de leche and found love.

That the children know this story that brings them closer to the origin of the discovery of one of the richest sweets that characterize our region.

Through this work we intend to transmit the deserved value to country life, oral tradition, memory as a collective construction and love, which as the engine of miscegenation, helped to form us as a people.

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