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Classic Clown Tales
Reading is the journey of those who cannot take the train.
francis de croiset

 Using the language of clowns and music, a link is generated with the closest children's audience, from innocence, humor, nonsense and complicity,  addressing issues that invite reflection and questions for children's part.

Three characters embark on a trip to the missionary jungle. They know that there is a treasure to discover, someone named Horacio left it written somewhere. A musical journey through humor, to discover these stories. Horacio Quiroga invites us to travel to the jungle entering his stories.

More than 100 years after the first publication of Cuentos de la Selva. Even today it maintains its validity due to the depth and curiosity that the universe in which it arouses.
Quiroga submerges us. The author wrote these stories with children in mind, he uses simple and at the same time enriching language, the humanization of animals and other resources, they motivate reading.
It proposes a reflection based on the continuous questioning of the human race in relation to nature.
Themes such as death, illness, the pleasure of life are raised on stage; values such as work, relationships with others, respect and cooperation. Undoubtedly themes that
They will enable learning opportunities both in an educational environment and in the family.
Misión Selva is a recommendable experience for a wide and diverse audience.


Nominated for best show at the Florencio Awards  2022

Creation: Trinum Theater

On stage: Rodrigo Vignolo, Ana Paola Angeloni, Verónica San Vicente

Substitute cast: Luis Emilio Musetti

Dramaturgy: Ana Paola Angeloni

Musical direction:  Rodrigo Vignolo


Stage direction: Verónica San Vicente

Music Composition: Rodrigo Vignolo, Bruno Tognola

Scenography: Rocío Matosas

Wardrobe: Lorena Rosano

Design: Gen Designs


Duration: 50 minutes

About the company.

It was born in 2013 with the impulse to perform clown and musical stage interventions in unconventional spaces. In 2014 the collective   recreates fragments of classic tales, emerging Clásicos Cuentos Clown.
Open the possibility  to discuss and reflect on values with universal stories that human beings have always wanted to tell: love, family, work, madness and others. The musical language and the scene are developed with humor and dynamism, generating interaction  between  spectators and characters. Classic Clown Tales in its two editions tour schools, colleges and events in Montevideo and the interior of the country. 
It is scheduled at the Teatro Solís in the winter and spring vacation season 2016-2017

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