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Labyrinth. Ignacio Trees. Theater of Objects

There was Daedalus the very skilled architect, craftsman and inventor who lived in Athens. Creator of his greatest work: the Labyrinth

Winner of the Dramaturgy Contest
puppets for adults from the National Directorate of Culture
(DNC) It opens in October 2015, in the Hugo Balzo room of the Sodre National Auditorium.
It has been represented in:

Maldonado Puppet Festival

The path of the puppeteer 2016 (Performance in Villa Soriano, in Tacuarembó and closing the festival in Maldonado)

3rd Puppets at All Costs Festival
2017 (Silver Park)

4th international festival of
puppets El Yorugua (Montevideo


General Address and Text:
Ignacio Trees

Manipulation and actuation direction:

Tamara Couto

Art direction:
Fernando Besozzi

Puppeteer - Actor: 
Ignacio Trees


Lucia Taylor

Lucia Severino

Locker room
Tamara Couto
Pilar Puig


thirtythirty productions

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