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Dystopian Present

The technological world seeks perfection. That world was created to be reproduced with the highest possible fidelity. By definition, it must be imitable. The materials go through their quality process so that each LED of each screen emits a light equal to the next in the assembly line, otherwise it is discarded.

What is the difference between the yellow of a leaf and that of a led? It feels different.

The organic is uncontrollable, unique and irreproducible, each yellow of each leaf is slightly different...

That's what we like about technological recycling. Making use of discarding what had to be "perfect" and is no longer.

And in this recycling process, if we put it together with a lot of other things that it should never have been mixed with, something unique is generated... imperfect... that gradually acquires personality, it begins to approach the uncontrollable, unique and irreproducible of the universe. natural.

Technological recycling: Brobot project.

robotic avatar

Robotic avatar built in 2 days and without spending a penny; Made entirely with parts from recycled appliances.

It arises from the interest of creating universes of technological interaction that reinvent themselves in the experience with people. It emerges regardless of occupations and labor concerns, from the freedom to take technology out of the commercial industrial world (where everything has to be justified with business plans and a target market) to a place where the focus is assigned to the desire of the experience for the sake of experience itself. 
We believe and understand that technology, especially electronics and programming, bring an enormous possibility closer to artists. They bring in their identity matrix a language that could be considered universal; machine language. We see this machine language as the possibility to translate, expand and communicate extremely distant objects/worlds. The collection and analysis of data, together with the possibility of generating images and animated interactive objects, open up infinite possibilities of affectation, it is almost like discovering a huge space for the play of signifiers, connotations and denotations.
Brobot, the cybernetic messenger, is a robot created by the collective. A robotic avatar made entirely with pieces of recycled equipment. The robot has a camera, microphone, speakers and motors to be able to move wherever it is. Hence the concept of robotic avatar, since it can be driven through the Internet, from anywhere in the world; allowing the person who “inhabits” it to manage and interact in real time with the outside world. During the 2020 pandemic, we circulated it repeatedly on public roads in Montevideo, driven by a Uruguayan who was in Barcelona in a situation of mandatory quarantine or lock down, thus generating interaction with his compatriots, in an original way. and safe. 

Reciclando tecnología

Reciclando tecnología

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The rat

Circo Tranzat show directed by Iván Corral, winner of the Competitive Funds for Culture and Selected by the IMM Arts Strengthening Program. 

Dystopian Present built for the scene a group of three rats, which are managed by a central control connected to them by Wi-Fi, which allows manipulation as a  electromechanical puppets from anywhere. The control design emulates an arcade joystick and allows you to simultaneously control the movement of the rats with the joystick.  The rats had depth sensors that gave them the ability to move autonomously as well as having programmed movements that could be selected with the joystick to react simultaneously. In the play, a handler trained together with the performers to follow the choreography of the rats on stage.