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ostok. Mermejta Circus and Clo Collective

A contemporary circus work that takes place at the intersection of the circus with other expressive languages such as audiovisuals and live music with electronic components, generating a show with high visual and sound impact.

A universe built through the links and interactions of the performers and the objects that sustain, tighten, loosen and make these relationships vibrate. The physical phenomena that are revealed through the languages of the circus and audio-visual, build an intuitive map that weaves together a subtle plot between the participants, of what exists between the exposed and the intimate, tradition and avant-garde.


Tamara Cubas and Sebastian Baez


Composition and Musical Interpretation:

Francisco Lapetina

Nicolas Parrillo


Lighting and Scenography Design:

Leticia Martinez


Audiovisual Design:

Michael Grompone


Executive producer:

Ivan Corral


Creator Performers:

maria claus roses

mariana white

Nicholas Sandoval



Maria Noel Roses


Graphic design

Sebastian Laenz


Audiovisual Record:

Patricia Rijo

Alejandro Perez Sacco

General Co-Production:

Mermejita Circus // ThirtyThirty productions

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