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It's melting

Picadero-36 is melted - Copy.jpg

Two women who inhabit the human aspect of waiting, its shape, its structure and its limits. An everyday object that organizes their ways of acting in an unusual space that disrupts its function, its correct and effective use. Bodies  fragile despite their muscles, unstable despite balancing on another body and on an object suspended several meters high. Bodies that, no matter how human they become, retain their animal traits that pulsate to come out, and are contained, and pulsate, and are contained, and so on. And there it remains to resist the temptation to merge, the illusion of returning to unity, the confusion with the mass. In any case: an act of happy regression that is not exempt from violence in animality that dissolves the human. Is the technification of the acrobatic body advancing? towards its disarmament, towards its disarticulation as a stable substance and currency. Pure technique or forgetting it... what paths are left between the two poles that tend to become stereotypes of the body?


Idea and creation: Virginia Alonso, Leticia Corvo and Lucía Mato

Direction: Virginia Alonso

On stage: Leticia Corvo and Lucía Mato

Sound design and musical composition: Aníbal Pereda and Gonzalo Durán

Lighting design: Irene Willat and Valentina Pérez

Set design and installation of aerial elements and security: Marcelo Patiño

Photos: Gabriel Rousserie

Audiovisual production: Agustina Willat

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